North Bend Middle School Credit System

The purpose of implementing credits is to improve rigor, relevance and relationships in the middle grades, develop best practices, and ensure every student is prepared to be successful in high school and beyond.

Focus of the Middle Level Credit System
The Middle Level Credit System has focused on five key areas: Student accountability, middle level curriculum, academic intervention, leadership among staff at the middle level, and student transitions between the middle and high school grades. Desired outcomes include ensuring all students are prepared to be successful in high school and beyond and to improve student preparation for high school and post-secondary education. To achieve these goals and work toward the desired outcomes, students need to be introduced to the vocabulary and concepts of a credit system before entering high school.
Middle school students (grades 7-8) are not on the high school credit system. They do not accumulate credits toward graduation from middle school to high school. Students will be expected to meet specific credit requirements to be promoted to the high school, and/or participate in extra-curricular activities.

Students at each grade level will have an opportunity to earn 21 credits each year, all students in North Bend Middle School and ORCO must earn a minimum of 19 credits their seventh grade year and 20 credits their eighth grade year.
*If a seventh grade student has not met all of the 7th grade requirements to be promoted to eighth grade; the student is not eligible to participate in any extra-curricular activities their eighth grade year, until the failing grade is made up.

Credit Recovery
Students not meeting the minimum requirements of the credit system shall be given an opportunity to recover credits through an online system in the failed core subject in order to become eligible for promotion to the next grade level. Students will be responsible to initiate all credit recovery. The middle schools will assist students and parents in choosing the most appropriate alternative method for each individual. All materials for credit recovery must be submitted to the school by no later than August 15th.
The following are options for credit recovery:

  • 10 hours of Edgenuity in the failed subject. Opportunities for a student to participate in Edgenuity will be offered at the following times:

    • Saturday School from 8:00 am to 11:00 am

    • Lunch time

    • After school from 3:15 to 4:00

    • Summer School

    • At home

(All final exams for Edgenuity must be conducted in a supervised testing lab at the middle school.)
*If a student fails to complete any of the above, they will be retained at the middle school until the failing grade is made up

Special Education and English Language Learners
          The Individualized Education Plan (IEP) teams for qualified Special Education and English Language Learner (ELL) students may establish alternate credit requirements or accommodations to credit requirements as are deemed necessary for the student to become eligible for promotion to the next grade level. All alternative requirements or accommodations will be clearly outlined for IEP and ELL students.