North Bend Middle School Sports Information

Dear Parents:

If your student is planning to participate in a NBMS Sport, here is some general information:

NBMS Sports Registration Information: If your student would like to participate in sports at NBMS, you will need to sign up for a Family ID account. Please read the following guidelines to get started.

NBMS Sports Registration Info

Family ID - online sports registration:

The Family ID Registration site is currently open.

Contact Sheri Gaines at (541-751-7279)or to check the expiration date of your child’s sports physical or any questions you may have regarding Registration.

  • Students will need to have a current sports physical on file.  These are good for two years.

  • Students will be required to pay a participation fee of $50.00 per sport until their third sport or a family
    maximum of $255.00. Fees will be waived for those students who qualify for economically disadvantaged.

  • Students must have insurance to participate in athletics. If you will need to purchase health insurance, you may visit You can view all of the different plans offered by Health Special Risk, Inc. and enroll on-line. You may also call 1-866-409-5733. You will need to supply the student’s health insurance I.D. number when completing athletic forms.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Sheri Gaines
Athletic Secretary