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The North Bend School District is in the process of identifying a quality curriculum for English Language Arts classes for the middle school level. Implementation of the new materials will occur in the fall of 2022 for grades 6-8.  Staff have reviewed a number of options that address the changes in the newly adopted state standards.  When making the adoption recommendation, staff considered these major factors: 

  • How were English Language Arts concepts presented in the materials? Was there a clear scope and sequence for skills attainment in the areas of reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar? Did the materials provide solid foundational skill-building across the middle grades? 

  • Did the materials include effective teaching strategies? 

  • Did the materials set a clear priority of preparing students for meeting rigorous academic standards? 

  • Did the materials include high-quality hard copy and digital options? 

  • Were there adequate accessibility components (to meet state criteria)? 

We are inviting you to view the proposed adoption materials via the link- Amplify ELA Middle School Level Curriculum Recommendation for Purchase Fall 2023 and provide input (the form is included in the link above) prior to the recommendation being made to the school board on Thursday, May 5th, 2022.

Please call or email if you would like to view the proposed curriculum in-person and/or if you have questions or concerns regarding the recommended adoption.  The time frame for input, prior to the May school board meeting on May 5, 2022, will be from April 18-May 3, 2022.